On the occasion of 20th anniversary of Tsahim Urtuu, The Tsahim Urtuu - NUM Scholarship Committee is pleased to announce the names of two outstanding high school graduates of Mongolian heritage who have won full scholarship to pursue undergraduate studies at the prestigious National University of Mongolia.

The winners of the Tsahim Urtuu – NUM Scholarship for Mongolian Diaspora (Round II) are:

Ms. AMEEVA Nogala (Elista, Republic of Kalmykia, Russian Federation)

Mr. BARS Batu (Köke Nuur province, People's Republic of China)

Based on their academic merit and leadership potential, the scholars have been selected out of four shortlisted candidates from two countries. The Tsahim Urtuu - NUM scholars are talented, independent and wide-ranging in their interests and their time as scholars will enhance their intellectual and personal growth.

The amount of the scholarship is approximately USD 36,000 for each scholar. It includes all tuition costs, monthly stipend, book costs, academic fees, health insurance, and lodging at the university campus. The award also covers a round trip airfare from the recipient's home country to Mongolia and other travel expenses such as visa fees. Upon conclusion of each academic year, each scholar is expected to write a report of his/her academic accomplishments and understanding of contemporary Mongolia.


The objectives of the scholarship are:

To provide opportunity for young ethnic Mongolians, their country's future leaders, to gain access to higher education in Mongolia;

  • To help the scholars to gain understanding and appreciation of contemporary Mongolia;
  • To motivate the scholars to act as lifelong ambassadors of their home countries and vice versa thus strengthening the relationship, mutual understanding and cultural awareness between the Deed mongol, Kalmyk and Mongolian peoples;
  • To inspire personal and academic achievement of each scholar;

As future leaders with awareness of Mongolian culture, society and values, the Tsahim Urtuu - NUM scholars will contribute to strengthening the relationship between the Mongolian, Deed mongol and Kalmyk peoples, their governments and their institutions.

On behalf of the people of Mongolia, the members of the Tsahim Urtuu Holboo and the Governing body of the National University of Mongolia, we congratulate Ms. AMEEVA Nogala and Mr. BARS Batu, the Tsahim Urtuu - NUM Scholarship winners!


The Scholarship Committee
Tsahim Urtuu Holboo NGO | National University of Mongolia
Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
August 19, 2019